an agent in china, for what?

understanding the necessity of a local partner

We are a buying agent in China.
We manage your purchases from competent Chinese factories.

Supplier Identification

Our mission starts with the sourcing. That’s the identification of suppliers able to produce your products in accordance to your specifications. For several years now, we have been using tools enabling us to verify a manufacturer according to several criteria that are both objective (seniority, activity, premises and machines) and subjective (quality of exchanges, understanding of issues). This is a crucial step but not enough.

Prototyping and sampling

We then follow all product development in China, the implementation of specifications, the realisation of prototypes and samples, rectification and improvement. It is an expensive step in time and money but which guarantees the success of future orders. It is also a moment that allows us to better know the suppliers and make a more concrete selection of their abilities to meet our needs.

Production monitoring, quality control

Our purchasing agents in China finally takes care of your supplies as if it were in your premises. The exchanges are constant, regular monitoring reports. We keep you informed of the progress of the productions, the inspections we carry out and the results observed.

Delivery setup

Our shipping service team coordinates the transport stakeholders to ensure a great fluidity of the logistics stage.


By entrusting us with the management of your purchases in China, you rely on a company recognised for its know-how and seriousness. You can focus on developing your business with confidence.

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