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Expert Procurement Services in China - Your Trusted Partner for Success

Global procurement experts: piloting your projects in Asia with a strong presence in Europe and China

We are your procurement & quality assistant in China.

We step in at any stage of your projects in China and help you make your orders a complete success.

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Experience & Expertise

Specialist in purchasing and manufacturing processes in China since 2008.


An Asiaction expert will support and follow you throughout your projects.

A team
on site

An operational office in China managed by French people.

Transparence & Integrity

Respect of our partners and requirement of a quality job.

product expertise

We can handle all kinds of product orders, with particular strengths in certain areas.


Import your furniture from China for your hotel, casino, an event, a public facility, residence, etc.

Cold cabinets

Import your cooling storage from China.

import panneau solaire chine

Solar panels

Import solar panels from China with Asiaction, providing you with complete solutions.

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What our
clients say

“We are proud of our partnership with Asiaction. All of our orders have been successfully completed.”


General Manager DoubleTree

“We were very satisfied with the follow-up of our orders. The methods put in place, especially the quality of the videos, have allowed us to be perfectly reassured. We are quite open to strengthening our collaboration in the coming weeks.”

Antoine Devalse

CEO Créalise

“Thanks to Asiaction for making our import from China possible. A significant work that we could not have done alone.”

Jacqueline Seema

CEO Mmetjie

“An experienced and reactive partner that allowed us to communicate easily with the factory.”

Loïc Marchand

CEO Parc Mirabel

“Working with Asiaction has been a real pleasure. We are pleased to establish a continuous collaboration in sourcing, inspection, follow-up and assistance through the expertise of your inspectors.”

Guido Melis

CEO Allewebshops Bv

Frequently asked questions about
a sourcing agent in China

What is a sourcing agent?

A sourcing agent is a professional or company that assists clients in locating quality suppliers in China. Their services include identifying potential suppliers, verifying their reliability, negotiating purchase terms, and coordinating production and shipping. Sourcing agents play a crucial role for foreign companies seeking to buy manufactured products in China, offering essential support in navigating the complex industry landscape.

What services can a sourcing agent provide?

A sourcing agent offers a range of services, including:

- Identifying potential suppliers
- Evaluating supplier reliability
- Negotiating purchase terms
- Coordinating production and shipping

These services are essential for foreign companies looking to procure manufactured products in China, providing expert assistance in navigating the complex industry landscape.

How can a sourcing agent help find reliable suppliers in China?

A sourcing agent can help companies find reliable suppliers in China by conducting factory audits. This involves thorough research, evaluating references, and visiting potential suppliers' factories to ensure they meet quality standards.

How can a sourcing agent ensure the quality of purchased products?

A sourcing agent can ensure the quality of purchased products by evaluating potential suppliers, overseeing production, and conducting quality inspections before shipping. This comprehensive approach helps maintain high standards and reduces the risk of receiving subpar goods.

How can a sourcing agent ensure that products are delivered on time?

A sourcing agent can ensure timely product delivery by monitoring production, managing delivery timelines, and maintaining regular communication with suppliers. This proactive approach helps in anticipating and addressing any potential delays, ensuring that the products are delivered as scheduled.

How can a sourcing agent help companies avoid risks related to buying from China?

A sourcing agent can help companies avoid risks related to buying from China by evaluating potential suppliers, overseeing production, and managing long-term relationships with suppliers. This ensures that companies receive high-quality products, adhere to delivery schedules, and maintain strong supplier partnerships, reducing potential issues and uncertainties in the procurement process.

Can a sourcing agent help manage long-term relationships with suppliers?

A sourcing agent can help companies manage long-term relationships with suppliers by building trust, maintaining regular communication, and addressing any issues that arise. This ongoing support ensures stable and reliable supplier partnerships, which are crucial for consistent product quality and timely delivery.

What are the advantages of working with a sourcing agent in china ?

The benefits of working with a sourcing agent in China include:

- Finding reliable suppliers
- Saving on purchasing costs
- Ensuring better product quality
- Efficiently coordinating production and shipping

These advantages help companies streamline their procurement processes and mitigate risks associated with sourcing from China.

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