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Evaluate the risks you take working with a Chinese factory

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Service Description

Factory Audit in China
We evaluate the production capabilities and reliability of potential suppliers.

Our auditors present all over China move in factory to verify that their production capacities as well as their commitments in term of security and quality respect the requirements of our customers.

Our advantages


Our auditors are present in the main Chinese industrial regions. They can also move quickly throughout the Chinese territory to check factory in China.


Our price includes everything and more: inspection, transportation, report, consulting and advice


48 hours after the audit, you receive a clear and detailed audit report containing all the defects found as well as photos and videos in HD (high definition).


For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

Our process

Before we do check factory in China, our first task is to study the background relationship between the applicant and the audited factory. We then analyse the reasons and objectives of the factory audit in China. And we communicate with our clients to understand the needs.

Our agents draft the audit in accordance with our clients requests. We exchange with our clients regarding the framework, the products and specific requirements. We set up a list of specific verification points and we define and classify risk points.

Our coordinators schedule the audit with the factory and synchronise with one of our auditors to check factory in China.

Before our auditor goes to check the factory in China, he verifies the audit check points.
Once all is confirmed and understood, he visits the factory. The audit consists in looking at the history of the company, controlling the official documents, taking pictures and recording videos.

Our coordinators draft and verify the factory audit report in English. They set up a risk assessment following deficiencies found. We share HD photos and videos with our clients. Eventually, we offer our professional and experienced advice.

Our network of auditors covering the major Chinese provinces allows us to offer a simple, efficient and fast factory audit service in China for our clients.

So far, we evaluated toy factories, caps, clothing, plastic chairs, MDF furniture, inflatable water games, and so on.

We can verify manufacturers in China in the following provinces: Guangdong, Anhui, Fujian, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang.

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Asiaction Yuki Chen
“For about 10 years, we have been in touch with more than 3,000 suppliers in China. However, we only really worked with about 350 of them.
Thanks to our presence on site and especially thanks to our systematic and meticulous selection method, my team was able to select the best suppliers in their field. This greatly limits the risk to our customers during production and decreases (and often eliminates) quality-related after-sales issues.
The way we verify manufacturers in China allows us to evaluate in 48h the seriousness and the production capacities of any factory.”

Yuki Chan, Purchasing Manager, Asiaction