Product inspection
& Quality Control
Chinese factories are not renowned for the infallible quality of their productions. There are many reasons why, as in many developing countries, there are serious risks that the products do not meet your expectations.
Asiaction organizes inspections at three key moments of the production: before the production starts (IPC), during the production (DUPRO) & at the end of the production (FRI).
The inspections are conducted by Asiaction’s own inspectors.
Service Description

A product inspection, also named Quality Control, is about checking your items for compliance with your specifications and for any possible defect on different aspects: construction, finishing and functioning. For all inspections, Asiaction follows a process set by the international standard ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003), also known as the AQL standard.

Asiaction can organize inspections at three key moments of the production: before the production starts (IPC), during the production (DUPRO) & at the end of the production (FRI).

  • An IPC (Initial Production Check) is done before your production started or at the very beginning, up to 20%. It is a way to check that the factory has everything in place to manufacture your products (machinery and materials).
  • A DUPRO (DUring PROduction) is conducted when the production is between 20 and 80% ready. It is a great tool to check if the factory follows the product’s specifications and the schedule.
  • An FRI (Final Random Inspection) is performed when at least 80% of the production is completed. It is the most common inspection used by purchasing companies. It is the last option to make sure you don’t ship defective goods.

As European expats settled in China, we have been inspecting and controlling productions for us and our clients since 2008 with the same care.

  • Great attention to the preparation details,
  • Available before, during and after the inspection for any additional information,
  • All-inclusive price (no additional fees for lunch or transportation),
  • You receive a full PDF report within 48 hours, including the list of all defects found, the HD pictures and comments from Asiaction’s experts.
From $280
50 units $280/man-day
20 units $320/man-day
10 units $360/man-day
5 units $380/man-day
or $400/man-day

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