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company check-up

Audit your supplier in China.
We qualify them based on a list of criteria to evaluate the company's reliability that you've identified.

Fournisseurs chinois


Legal verification
of company

Make sure the company you have identified is legally registered in China and is not subject to any disputes.

Complete check-up
of company

Receive a complete report on the administrative health (including legal verification), history and activity of the company.


Audit your manufacturers in China with an Asiaction inspector sent to the factory. Receive a full report of the visit.

Factory Audit in China - Evaluating Supplier Reliability

If you’re looking to do business in China, it’s essential to ensure that your supplier or manufacturing company is reliable and capable of producing high-quality products. At Asiaction Sourcing, we understand the importance of supplier evaluation, which is why we offer a comprehensive factory audit service to help you evaluate the reliability of potential suppliers before working with them.

Our factory audit service is designed to identify any potential risks, issues, or weaknesses in the supplier’s production process, quality control procedures, and overall operations. We conduct a detailed examination of the supplier’s facilities, equipment, and personnel to ensure that they have the capacity and capability to meet your specific product requirements.

Our experienced auditors will evaluate the supplier’s factory and manufacturing process, including their quality control procedures, inventory management, and production capacity. We provide a detailed analysis of the factory’s operations, including their compliance with industry standards and regulations, and any recommendations for improvement.

By choosing our factory audit service, you can be confident that you are working with a reliable and capable supplier that can deliver the high-quality products you need to succeed in your business. Our audit reports provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your suppliers and ensure that your products meet your exact specifications.

Don’t take chances with your supplier selection process. Contact us today to learn more about our factory audit service and how we can help you evaluate the reliability of potential suppliers before you work with them.

by asiaction

English interlocutors

ensure the proper transmission of information

Involvment of 3 Asiaction agents

project manager, quality manager and auditor

Trained auditors

to European quality standards

Advice and Explanation

assistance in preparing the inspection plan and recommendations

Risks without
a verification


to observe production sites


fictitious companies, false certifications, etc.


between the quality of final product and that of the sample

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all types of factories

Our audit processes allow us to evaluate any factory in China and to come out with a complete report so that you can place your orders.

Everywhere in China

We have collaborators all over China able to intervene in:

Fujian, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang.

At any

We go to factories:

During sourcing study,
Before mass production

what we check

Have you heard?

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Our perks

Experience & Expertise

Specialist in purchasing and manufacturing processes in China since 2008.


An Asiaction expert will support and follow you throughout your projects.

A team
on site

An operational office in China managed by French people.

Transparence & Integrity

Respect of our partners and requirement of a quality job.

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common questions
on factory audit


In most cases, we are able to give a factory score based on our inspector's visit and our own experience. This should only be considered as an indicator and not as a final decision marker.


For a final decision, read carefully the report and our inspector's comments.


With the full report, you receive advice based on the inspector's notes.


These advices are mostly warnings regarding issues in the factory's different departments.


ASIACTION is able to perform all types of factory audits:


  • Initial Factory Evaluation
  • Technical Quality Audit
  • Technical and Social Audit
  • Social Compliance Audit


A factory audit includes the following checks:


  • Legal information and documents
  • Company profile
  • Quality process implemented by the factory


Following these verifications, ASIACTION sends you a final report that allows the buyer to decide whether or not to work with this supplier.


Contact us and we will organize your factory audit at the time and in the province you need.

What is a factory audit ?

We give you a definition of a factory audit in 3 points and 3 advantages:

  1. Factory Audit in China is a comprehensive assessment of a company's manufacturing processes and practices.
  2. Factory Audit in China provides a detailed report on the factory's compliance with international standards for quality management systems, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, GMP and other relevant requirements.
  3. The China factory audit includes a site visit to observe production activities and review records.


Benefits of a supplier verification:

  1. Factory audits are conducted by qualified inspectors who are trained to identify potential problems and provide solutions.
  2. Factory audits are designed to help companies improve their operations and meet regulatory requirements.
  3. Factory audits are available for a wide range of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, automotive and many others.


Conducting a factory audit is an effective way to evaluate the reliability of a company identified by the buyer, to verify the supplier's capability and performance according to the specifications. Once the factory audit is completed, we are able to assess whether or not the supplier is reliable for the purchasing project.


The factory audit is the last and most determining step in the selection process for a successful procurement project in Asia.

How to verify a Chinese company?

ASIACTION offers you 3 services of company verification in China:


  • Legal verification of company
  • Complete company audit (which includes a legal audit)
  • Factory audit (which includes the visit of an inspector to the factory)

What are the steps of a factory audit?

The factory audit in China by ASIACTION consists of 6 steps:


  • Study of the needs by an ASIACTION expert
  • Preparation of the audit plan
  • Planning of the visit
  • Audit performed by an ASIACTION inspector
  • Diagnosis by your ASIACTION contact person
  • Report sent to the client

How to perform a supplier audit?

To do a supplier audit, you must visit the factory to check several points. We advise you to use a sourcing company which will send an inspector for a complete verification of the company.


Audit your manufacturers in China by sending an ASIACTION inspector to the factory. Receive a complete report of the visit covering the following elements


  • Legal information and documents
  • Company profile
  • Quality process implemented by the factory
  • HD videos and photos
  • Factory audit report

What are the benefits of a factory audit ?

Factory Audit in China is a certification process by a third party entity that evaluates factories against a set of criteria. This ensures that products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and regulations and also guarantees the reliability of a Chinese manufacturer.



  • Factory audits are conducted by qualified auditors who visit the factory site and conduct interviews with management and workers.
  • Auditors verify the production capacity of a Chinese manufacturer
  • Auditors verify compliance with internationally recognized standards and guidelines.



  • Factory audits ensure that products meet safety requirements and comply with international standards.
  • Factory audits help protect consumers from unsafe products.
  • Factory audits can help companies avoid scams with unreliable or non-existent manufacturers.

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