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Customer Order Monitoring

We secure and simplify our customers' procurement in China.

We give you tools to monitor your operations in China, monitor the quality of your suppliers, and more.

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Operations Follow-Up

Our platform provides you with detailed insights and real-time updates on all your orders, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your supply chain.

Key features include:

  • Order Details: View comprehensive information for each order, including PO date, manufacturer, reference, content, quantity, production status, production ETA, and associated costs.
  • Production Status: Track the current status of your orders, whether they are idle, in production, or completed.
  • Shipping Information: Monitor shipping status, ETA, and associated shipping costs to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Inspections: Access inspection reports to verify the quality and conformity of your products.
  • Proforma Invoices: View and download proforma invoices for financial documentation and processing.

This page is designed to streamline your order management process, providing all necessary information at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions and maintain an efficient supply chain.

Sourcing Requests

You can request us to source specific products from reliable suppliers in China, tailored to your exact needs.

How it works:

  1. Product Details: Provide photos and detailed information about the products you need, including materials, dimensions, color, required standards, and expected quantity.
  2. Submit Request: Submit your sourcing request, and our team will find suitable suppliers in China.
  3. Review Proposals: Within a few days, you’ll receive proposals from multiple suppliers. You can then review, compare, and select the best options based on your requirements.


This page streamlines the process of sourcing products, ensuring you get the best quality and price from trusted suppliers.

Product Catalogs

From your portal, you can browse over 3,500 PDF catalogs from Chinese suppliers, providing a vast selection of products for your needs.

Key features include:

  • Extensive Catalogs: Access a wide range of products across various categories directly from Chinese suppliers.
  • Detailed Product Information: View detailed descriptions, dimensions, materials, and images for each product to make informed decisions.
  • Request Quotes: Easily request quotes for products of interest directly from the page.


This platform streamlines your product sourcing process, making it easier to find and procure the items you need efficiently.

Supplier Performance

Your portal provides you with essential insights into the performance of your suppliers in China, helping you ensure efficiency and quality in your supply chain.

Key metrics include:

  • Average Lead Time: Track the duration of production.
  • On-Time Delivery Rate: Monitor reliability in meeting production schedules.
  • Non-Conformity Rate: Check the percentage of products not meeting quality standards.
  • Defect Rate: Measure the frequency of defective products.
  • Return Rate: Track the rate of product returns.


Benefit from interactive graphs and statistics that allow you to monitor these metrics over time, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Filter by period, manufacturer, and product to gain targeted insights and drive continuous improvement in your supply chain.

Billing & Invoicing Records

You can also access and manage all your commercial invoices in one convenient location.

Key features include:

  • Invoice Details: View detailed information for each invoice, including the date, invoice number, label, amount, balance, and currency.
  • Download Options: Easily download invoices for your records with the click of a button.
  • Search and Filter: Quickly find specific invoices using the search bar or filter options to show a set number of entries per page.


This page is designed to help you keep track of your financial transactions with ease and efficiency.

What our
clients say

“We are proud of our partnership with Asiaction. All of our orders have been successfully completed.”


General Manager DoubleTree

“Impressed with the facility to communicate with your teams. You gave us the security we needed to purchase in China.”

Rowan Cantley

Operation manager Imagin Lighting

“We were very satisfied with the follow-up of our orders. The methods put in place, especially the quality of the videos, have allowed us to be perfectly reassured. We are quite open to strengthening our collaboration in the coming weeks.”

Antoine Devalse

CEO Créalise

“Thanks to Asiaction for making our import from China possible. A significant work that we could not have done alone.”

Jacqueline Seema

CEO Mmetjie

“An experienced and reactive partner that allowed us to communicate easily with the factory.”

Loïc Marchand

CEO Parc Mirabel

“Working with Asiaction has been a real pleasure. We are pleased to establish a continuous collaboration in sourcing, inspection, follow-up and assistance through the expertise of your inspectors.”

Guido Melis

CEO Allewebshops Bv

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