Container Loading Supervision in China

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Service Description

Container Loading Inspection in China
We go to factory on the day of container loading to make sure that the goods shipped match (in quantity and appearance) the goods ordered and that they are properly packed.

We check the state of the container, product specifications, markings and packaging. Our China shipping service team supervises the loading, the documents and the quantity loaded in China.

our advantages


Our container loading inspectors are present in the main Chinese industrial regions. They can also move quickly throughout the Chinese territory.


Our price includes everything and more: inspection, transportation, and shipping services report.


48 hours after the loading supervision in China, you receive a clear and detailed report containing all the defects as well as photos and videos in HD (high definition).


For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

Our process

Our team analyse the order to be controlled and organise a Q&A with our client.

Our agents develop a personalized service for each of our clients with basic and specific control points.

We make sure to find a date suitable for our customers and notify the audited factory. Our office coordinators synchronise the inspection with our inspectors.

Our inspector arranges the trip to the factory to do the container loading inspection. At the factory, our agent selects random products, inspects the internal and external packaging, checks the loaded quantity and records the container information and the seal.

After the inspection, our agent sends a full report with HD photos and videos. Eventually, our experts will share their professional and experienced analysis and advice.

In the last ten years, our inspectors have organized and managed the container loading inspection in China’s most industrial regions (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei) as well as in the less known regions (Hunan, Heilongjiang).

Thanks to our loading supervision in China, a control of last resort, we have been able to notice quality problems and alert our customers. But this has costs (referral and reservation of a new container) that can be avoided by inspecting the goods at the end of production.

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Asiaction Yuki Chen
“Our China shipping service is at the end of the chain to reassure our customers about the goods being sent. Beware that while operated during the control of container loading, we do not inspect the quality of the goods. But if our inspectors identify serious problems, they send alerts to me and my team and you’ll get notified by your client manager.”

Yuki Chan, Purchasing Manager, Asiaction