Container Loading Supervision in China

Mitigate your risks

Reduce your costs

We inspect

all types of products

We control all kinds of products:

  • furniture
  • garments
  • electric items
  • home decoration
  • electronic products

Your product is not on the list?
Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can organise your inspection.

Everywhere in China

We cover the main Chinese production areas:

  • Fujian
  • Guangdong
  • Hebei
  • Shandong
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Zhejiang

Your supplier is not located in one of the provinces above?
Contact us to see how we can inspect it.

What we check


We make sure the quantities that are being loaded onto the container match the quantities of your purchase order. We check the total quantity and quantities for each specification (colour, material, model, etc.).


Our inspector makes sure the container is in good conditions to carry your goods. We record the container and seal numbers. We take photos of the loading procedure and of any issue of the container.

Product Specifications

We randomly check a few cartons to make sure the product appearance match your purchase order (size, colour, etc.). We also look at the shipping marks printed on the cartons.

5 easy steps to check your order before shipping


Phone Call

Explain your needs to an Asiaction expert over the phone



Your Asiaction project manager builds up your customised inspection



We schedule the inspection and coordinate the factory with our inspector



Our inspector goes on site to control your products



You receive a full report and recommendations from your Asiaction project manager

Frequently asked questions

Do you control the quality of the products?

We verify the packing, the quantity of products and cartons and we open some cartons.

If you want us to control the quality of your products, please order the product inspection.

Our advantages

Customised Assistance

An Asiaction expert assists and follows you throughout the whole operation: from the preparation and setting up of the inspection, through the monitoring and until the delivery of the report that includes our recommendations.

Full report & alerts

You receive a full report with videos and HD photos within 24 hours after the inspection. If our inspector finds critical and urgent problems during the inspection, we will contact you immediately to keep you informed.

Asiaction Dashboard

We offer a complete dashboard to follow all your operations. You can connect to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Download all your documents. Check any order status. Place your next orders online. Read More