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An agent in China, for what?


Despite the development of online tools (Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China), the Chinese market remains a labyrinth for any buyer who is not familiar with Asian customs. The physical distance, the language barrier and the differences in commercial relations complicate the trade between Chinese sellers and foreign buyers and increase the risk of scams. This is the main reason why it is recommended to work with an agent in China.

The main mission of an agent in China is to limit these risks and to reduce the costs of international buyers through purchasing support and quality control services.

If you are still hesitating to order directly to Chinese suppliers or to go through an agent in China, I hope this article will help you to understand the benefits of a company like ASIACTION.

Main roles of an agent in China

An agent in China works in the interest of his international clients. His main goal is to help you reduce the risks and costs of buying in China.

Control risks

Risks can appear at any time of the purchase in China: at the selection of a Chinese partner, before paying, during production and before shipping.

An agent in China must be able to support you at each stage by offering services of research and selection of Chinese suppliers, verification of the purchase conditions, accurate follow-up of the production and inspections of the goods (before, during and after the production).

These services proposed by the agent in China are essential to ensure you a serenity throughout the order and the quality of the goods at reception.

Control costs

Ordering from China also means limiting the costs associated with the purchase. The most common motive for buyers is to buy cheaper for the same quality.

However, there is no quick fix, even in China. For a Chinese factory, reducing the price means saving on raw materials.

The role of an agent in China is to make sure that the factory respects the terms of purchase and to clearly communicate to the buyer the implications of a price reduction.

The duty of an agent in China is also to protect buyers from indirect costs related to inappropriate purchasing habits in China. Any error or oversight in purchasing in China can be reflected heavily in the total costs of importing or distributing products (substandard products, quality problems, poor finish, poor materials, high customer returns, etc.).

Main services of an agent in China

An agent in China like ASIACTION supports you and secure each steps of your procurement.

Sourcing (on B2B exhibitions or online)

Investigation and audit

Order preparation, Production follow-up, Communication assistance

Preparation and transport follow-up


Buying in China is perilous for any buyer, informed or not. Once you have decided to buy from Chinese suppliers, you will have to make sure that your purchases are done correctly and that the risks are limited.

For this, you can, like many international brands (Carrefour, Maison du Monde, Habitat, etc.), rely on an agent in China with offices on site that will support and guide you so that you can focus, not on solving problems in China, but rather on making sales in your country.

The agent in China must listen to you, everything he does must be transparent with you. A plus is to propose a follow-up through an efficient computer system (ERP), customizable services and that you can prepare them together (and not through an impersonal online form).

The key is to choose the right partner in China.

More information on ASIACTION's services

ASIACTION is your agent in China, expert and pilot of the purchasing process in Asia since 2008.

We are able to respond to each of your sourcing issues in China. 

ASIACTION provides a sourcing study, we identify and validate Chinese suppliers for you.

Our mission starts with the sourcing. That’s the identification of suppliers able to produce your products in accordance to your specifications. For several years now, we have been using tools enabling us to verify a manufacturer according to several criteria that are both objective (seniority, activity, premises and machines) and subjective (quality of exchanges, understanding of issues). This is a crucial step but not enough.

ASIACTION visits the factory to inspect your goods at any time during production.

ASIACTION provides a full company evaluation.

ASIACTION manages your entire order in China.

Purchasing agents in China takes care of your supplies as if it were in your premises. The exchanges are constant, regular monitoring reports. We keep you informed of the progress of the productions, the inspections we carry out and the results observed.

Our shipping service team coordinates the transport stakeholders to ensure a great fluidity of the logistics stage.

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