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Top 5 Key Supplier Performance Indicators: Analyzing Supplier Performance in China

Supplier Performance Indicators

In the fast-paced world of global business, understanding supplier performance is vital for success, particularly in a major manufacturing hub like China. To have an accurate understanding and to make informed decisions, it’s essential to look into key metrics that can provide insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of suppliers. Here’s an in-depth analysis of […]

Incoterms 2020: Complete guide to mastering the rules of international trade

Incoterm 2020

In the current context of global trade, mastering the Incoterms 2020 is more important than ever for import-export professionals. That’s why we have developed this comprehensive and professional guide, which will accompany you in understanding and applying these essential rules of international trade. Whether you are a novice or experienced in this field, dive into […]

Furniture supplier in China

Furniture made in China can offer great value for money for professional buyers, but it’s important to understand the risks and standards in place to avoid any surprises. Purchasing furniture from China is an interesting option for professionals looking to save money while offering quality products to their clients. China is indeed the world’s leading […]

Sourcing agent China: who is he and when to use his services?

sourcing agent china

Finding Chinese suppliers requires a huge commitment. It involves factory visits, sample requests, negotiations, ensuring compliance with European standards and good production monitoring. To face this difficult task, a sourcing agent China offers efficient solutions. A sourcing agent China is an experienced sourcing agent who has been working in the industry for more than 10 […]

Solutions to import from China

import from China

Importing goods from China is a strategic choice in international trade highly valued by buyers, but not easy to implement. To make a profit, you must ensure the quality of the imported products and the reliability of your suppliers for an Import China. Even if you have experience in purchasing, there are solutions that allow […]

Purchasing in China

Purchasing in China is not an easy process for buyers who are not on site. Of course, China offers a wide range of suppliers for each product, but then you have to be able to make the right choice among them and especially avoid scams. The question that most buyers ask themselves is how to […]

Import China: Guide to import from China

import china

Because the purchase in China can be enigmatic for beginner buyers, we have prepared this short & non-exhaustive guide that will clarify how international shipping works. China is called the factory of the world for its variety of supply on every product. That’s why many companies turn to importing goods from China, but how to […]

How to import steel from China?

China is the largest steel producer in the world. The country accounts for about half of the world’s total production and sets a new record in the industry. Chinese manufacturers are responsible for about 50% of the worldwide steel production. So, importing steel from China may be a good idea for businesses. However, there are […]

Canton Fair: an unmissable event of Chinese trade

If you want to source in China then the Canton Fair is a trade event not to be missed. It is the opportunity to meet suppliers and discuss your future projects with them. The Canton International Fair (officially called the China Import and Export Fair) is one of the largest trade fairs in the world. […]

Professionals: how to find good Chinese suppliers?

Fournisseurs chinois

The Chinese suppliers research is a crucial step in your supply in China. It is recommended to choose your suppliers well to avoid bad experiences. Discover in this article how to find good Chinese suppliers. China is the main manufacturing hub in the world, it is possible to find a wide range of products or […]

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