Masks making machines from China

We export machines and raw materials to Europe since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis

European & US Standards

All our machines and materials comply with European and US standards

Customize machines

We customize automatic machines for your needs such as UV treatment and more

All included

We supply all machine parts and raw materials


We provide assistance for setup and maintenance

Buy Fully automatic machines

We have selected competitive and reliable machines from Chinese factories. Production speed, depending on the model, varies from 60 to 80 masks per minute. Machines are fully automatic.

12-year experience in sourcing from China

Our 12-year experienced team on the Chinese ground has been searching for reliable factories for PPE (personal protective equipment) and automatic face masks making machines since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020. Our inspectors and auditors have selected and visited factories, our buyers have worked on documentations and certifications to make sure products comply with European and American standards. 

We already have sold more than 40 automatic masks making machines and more than 10 machines are already running in France and Luxembourg. We also supply raw materials such as spun bound, melt blown, ear loops and nose bridges required for mass production.

Raw materials



interior layer is 25g and 195mm
exterior layer is 25g and 175mm

Melt blown

Melt blown

(25g-30g), 175mm

Ear loop

Ear loop

Nose bridge

Nose bridge

Machines for All types of ear loop type masks

Inner ear loop masks

Outer ear loop masks

Tie type flat masks

Automatic Outer Ear Loop Masks Making Machine in Action

Automatic Inner Ear Loop Masks Making Machine in Action

Automatic FFP2/N95 Masks Making Machine in Action

FAce masks against covid-19 epidemic

Medical 3-ply masks are now recognized as the main weapon against the Covid-19 epidemic. Local mass production of medical grade face 3-ply masks such as medical type I and surgical type II and IIR masks is now a strategic move for countries in the fight against coronavirus. 

We put all our know-how and energy in supplying companies with the right machines and raw materials from China.


Reliable products

Manufacturers have been audited, all certifications are legit

Quality insurance

We inspect each machine and raw materials before it leaves China


Our team finds the best shipping options and manage the whole process