Source quality in China

Obtaining quality products and keeping prices competitive requires a good command of the codes of Chinese trading. This negotiation encompasses many elements such as production lead times, minimum order quantities and after sales service. Asiaction draws on its experience in the field, the monitoring of raw material costs and the skills of its French and Chinese buyers.
Difficulties encountered in trade with China are generally due to cultural differences and excessive geographical distance. We attach great importance to the relationship with our suppliers. Local practices require physical proximity, regular visits and constant communication. This ensures a more fluid and transparent business partnership.
Quality Control
The key to Asiaction's success is its ability to ensure quality control of all its productions. No merchandise leaves China without having been inspected by our agents. The interventions concern the external aspect of the products, the operation, the marking and the packaging. These checks are carried out during the sampling phase, during production and at the end of production. We rely on laboratories approved by the European Union (SGS, INTERTEK, TÜV) to validate the more technical aspects. Our control procedures comply with international AQL standards. Our inspectors are Chinese and French, trained on specific sectors. In this way the products shipped always meet the standards of the recipient countries: CE, UL, RoHS.
Team training
Our requirements in terms of wage policy in China are: on the one hand, the obligation for our staff to have completed a university course of at least 3 years in the field of international trade. On the other hand, to follow biannual trainings organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIFC) whose themes are quality control, European certifications and purchase negotiation. Finally, we keep (a rare thing in china) a low turnover rate.