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Service Description

Product Prototype in China
In the service of new product development in China, our experts immediately analyse your products’ specification sheets and its functionalities. We then organise phone calls to understand your new product development and design needs during which we also share our ideas on improvements. Once all is set, we arrange all communication and product prototyping with the selected factories. Ultimately, our product development team provides the product you designed.

Main steps for a successful product development in China:

  • Study of the specification sheet
  • Find the best manufacturer in China
  • Keep track of the product’s revisions
  • Arrange prototypes delivery

Above description only covers a part of what we can do for product design and development process in China. If you wish to have us do differently, please contact us and let us know what exactly your new product’s prototyping needs are and we’ll come back to you with a tailor-made offer.

Our advantages

10 years experience

Experience and knowledge make everything. Since 2008, we have worked on thousands of product development projects and our product development company in China dealt with hundreds of factories.


Open minded & fresh: that’s Asiaction. We embraced modern technology in order to deliver the best services. Our company’s ERP allow us to be quick, efficient and organized at every step of our work.


Our team members take their roles very seriously. Our job is to make sure things go well and our clients order more. Everyone is fully involved and available.


For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

Our process

Firstly, we’ll go through the specification sheet of the product you want to make in China before engaging a Q&A session with you by phone and/or email. That will greatly help us understand your requirements and what you expect from us and the Chinese manufacturer.

After getting a clear view of the project, we start searching and suggesting manufacturers to you (based on the experience of our buyers and on our custom-made software). We send you sourcing reports for you to choose the best match, with the advice of our agents if necessary.

Once we settle on a factory, we send and explain all the details to the factory’s engineers (specification sheet, functions, materials, etc). If they have warning or advice, we organise phone calls with you and the factory’s engineers in order to find the best solution. Once you confirm all the details, we prepare and follow the manufacturing of units for the new products’ design and development.

We follow the whole production very closely and we organise different kinds of inspections on the samples in the factory or in our office. All problems are reported to you through regular reports and are quickly fixed. We are completely available to analyse the reports with you on the phone or by email.

Once the product is ready, we organise a final inspection and after your confirmation, we ship the product prototype to you.
We also can send you any pre-prototype sample or raw material samples at any moment.

Since 2008, we have successfully worked on several exciting projects of product development in China for leading companies in their industry worldwide, clients which are often very demanding in terms of price and timing.

Unlike other product development companies in China, we have developed fully functional prototypes for sneakers, ready-to-wear, inflatable furniture and LED lamps. Our teams are experienced with several types of materials, such as plastic, silicone, all kinds of wood and many metals.

All our customers greatly appreciate our important assistance in the development and manufacture of the prototypes and Asiaction is now recognized as a trusted product development company in China.

Ask to be called back by one of our agents

Asiaction Prices

Our experts will build up a quote for your new product development in China based on your specific requirements.
The offer is tailor-made, meaning we only invoice you on what you order after we gave you our advice.

Asiaction Aurélien Hivonnet
“We pride ourselves on being a very flexible product development company in China.
If you are interested in making a product prototype in China, contact me and we will create a tailor-made service that will fully satisfy you.”

Aurélien Hivonnet, Co-founder & Director, Asiaction