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We cover all the Sourcing services in China

From the development of your project ideas to the delivery of your products in your warehouse.

2 ways to work with us:

Buying office

We act as your purchasing office from the build up of your project to the delivery of your products in your warehouse.

occasional services

We step in at any time of your projects in China and assist you to make your order a total success.

select valuable suppliers

We find and suggest your best matches and send you a full sourcing report so that you can take the best decision. Asiaction experts monitor the Chinese market for you. We go to all the trade fairs in China. Our world-class factory qualification system allows us to quickly and precisely evaluate the level of risk with any supplier before you place the order.

test samples / build prototypes

We help you study and develop your new products in China. We make sure the suppliers understand your specifications and that they produce what you asked for. We inspect the samples and prototypes so that you only receive products which comply to your specs.

Monitor your orders

Our expert team helps you to prepare a purchase order in the right manner, assists you in following production schedules and alerts you when key events happen. Keep your orders, production and shipping schedules under control with Asiaction order management services. Monitor all your orders through our Asiaction Dashboard.

inspect your products

We make sure that the Chinese factories manufacture and ship the right products. Our professional inspectors go on site to check your productions. We can test your products in world-class laboratories (BV, SGS, Intertek, TÜV).

Monitor the shipping

Your Asiaction project manager makes sure that you have the best door-to-door shipping quotation and the most accurate follow up of your shipments. We are able to organise any shipment, whether it is by air, train or sea freight.

Get the best of your products

We help you keep track of all the products modifications in China. We make sure the suppliers understand and apply your changes on following orders. We also can organise photoshoot of your products for your online stores, advertise and sell them before you even received them!

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