Order Management

Comprehensive management of your orders in China

Preparation, Coordination & Management

Service Description

This is the all-inclusive service that make purchasing from China safe and smooth.

It includes: requirements writing, negotiation, quoting, ordering, payment, production follow-up, quality control inspections, problem solving, shipping quoting & coordination, after sales follow-up.

Our project leader settles an agreement (detailed proforma invoice and sales contract) with the buyer to make sure that all requirements are understood and accepted by all parties. Our purchasing team handle all the tasks in China with the factories, the laboratory and the shipping company.

Buyers can follow the production and shipping schedules on Asiaction portal. They receive status & schedule updates by automatic emails. At the same time, the project team remains available for any question.

Quality inspection reports, shipping documents such as Telex Release and packing lists but also all invoices are uploaded and accessible on our portal.

Our service starts when you ask for a quotation and continue after you receive the goods. If you have any claim, our sales team remain at your disposal to take care of any after sales issue.

Our advantages

10 years experience

Experience and knowledge make everything. Since 2008, we have worked on thousands of projects and dealt with hundreds of factories.


Open minded & fresh: that’s Asiaction. We embraced modern technology in order to deliver the best services. Our company’s ERP allow us to be quick, efficient and organized at every step of our work.


Our team members take their roles very seriously. Our job is to make sure things go well and our clients order more. Everyone is fully involved and available.


For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

Our process

Study of your requirements in term of delivery time, quantity, product durability, quality of the finishing and more.
Negotiation of purchase conditions with the factory and setup of the order schedule.
Confirmation of conditions in agreement with the client.

Collection and shipment of samples.
Monitoring and verification of production.
Correction of problems.
Regular sending of reports.

Inspection of the goods + report.
Container loading control + report.

Follow-up of the FOB setting of the goods.
All inclusive offer with optimized itinerary.
Follow-up of door-to-door shipping.

After sales support.
Negotiation with the supplier.

In 10 years, we had the opportunity to work with different types of customers, SMEs and large groups in France and abroad.

Their purchases are often regular orders that require follow-up to ensure that the terms do not change from one order to another. Special attention is given to production and inspections.

We also follow up on one-off orders. In this case, preparation is a key step to ensure trouble-free production.

Our versatile and versatile teams adapt easily and quickly to any request in order to offer an excellent order tracking service.

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Asiaction Prices

We build up a quote based on your specific needs.

“With our presence in Guangzhou, a metropolis at the heart of the world’s factory, we can offer our customers a complete order tracking service from the negotiation of production conditions to delivery. Our teams advise international buyers, closely monitor productions and provide quick and concrete solutions. Thus, my clients can devote all their time to the sale of their products.”

Gael Tauvel, Co-Founder & Director, Asiaction