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Inspection & Audit


Purchasing office, production monitoring, quality control in China

Started in Hong Kong by European nationals, Asiaction offers services within China to facilitate and secure supply from China

The Chinese office located in Guangzhou is made up of Westerners and Chinese nationals trained in negotiation, production follow-up and quality control

Our clients consist of brands, producers, wholesalers, distributers, importers

Our appearance on France 2

Active member of the French Chamber of Commerce in China

Working Groups - Canton - Sourcing

The Sourcing Working Group aims to the exchange and sharing of issues, ideas and experiences in a perspective of supporting the development of foreign companies established in China. Aurélien HIVONNET, Co-Founder of the company Asiaction, was the president of the group in 2015 conducting each session on a chosen and specific topic of the sourcing business field. This meeting gathers different professionals involved in trading, sourcing and quality control for instance and located in South China.

This appointment, run in French, occurs while enjoying a delicious dinner in a convivial and friendly ambiance.
The Sourcing Working Group consists of a dozen of participants who meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Our offices in Guangzhou China