Monitor all your orders in China

  • get advice & assistance from experts
  • keep an eye on all your productions
  • rapidly adjust production issues

How it works



Our team studies your needs and your objectives.
We help you prepare a supply chain strategy plan.



For each order, our team prepares the requirements and makes sure the factories understand them. We make them sign agreements to avoid dispute if any problem appears during the production.


Follow up

Our project managers are in close contact with your suppliers, using their language as well as their preferred communication tools (Wechat, QQ), in order to keep your projects moving.
We go to the factory when needed. Our project management team is located in 4 different areas, and our inspection & audit team is nearly all along the coasts of China.

Our advantages

Customised Assistance

An Asiaction expert assists and follows you throughout the whole operation: from the preparation and setting up of your project, through the monitoring and until the delivery.

Full report

You receive full reports regularly with evaluations of factories and products. Our project manager also includes recommendations and warnings to help you make the best decisions.

Asiaction Dashboard

We offer a complete dashboard to follow all your operations. You can connect to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Download all your documents. Check any order status. Place your next orders online. Read More