test your products in China

How it works

What we do

We coordinate all the steps between the laboratory, the factory and you.

We make sure that the lab understands the purpose of your request, we check the test reports and certificates for the right information (company, SKU, etc.).

What you get

  • Updates during the certification process,
  • Advice regarding the latest norms,
  • The right certificates from the laboratory.

5 easy steps to test your products in China


Phone Call

Explain your needs to an Asiaction expert over the phone



Your Asiaction project manager builds up your customised tests



We select the best laboratory according to your needs



We follow up the testing of your products



You receive a full report and recommendations from your Asiaction project manager

Our advantages

Customised Assistance

An Asiaction expert assists and follows you throughout the whole operation: from the preparation and setting up of the sourcing, through the monitoring and until the delivery of the report.

Full report

You receive a full report with an evaluation of each factory. Our project manager also includes recommendations and warnings to help you make the best decision.

Asiaction Dashboard

We offer a complete dashboard to follow all your operations. You can connect to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Download all your documents. Check any order status. Place your next orders online. Read More