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A safe way to order from China


Why is it difficult to purchase safely from China?

There are many ways to contact suppliers in China thanks to Internet and other Alibaba websites. But still, many buyers experience problems when they receive goods: wrong colours, paint spots, poor quality, etc.

It is so hard to find a good factory

And even if the factory is actually good and serious, employees can make mistakes.

What can I do?

Getting 100% of all the product details on paper is crucial when ordering from Chinese factories. Firstly, it helps you recollect and verify all the order details. Secondly, it sets the ground for efficient purchasing conditions negotiation and most importantly for quality levels that you require on your order. Quality is not universal. Do not assume a Chinese supplier will match your quality level without a proper explanation. They produce similar goods for different countries (Russia, South America, North America, Europe, India), and all of them have different quality standards. Consider getting help from a professional sourcing company.

What does Asiaction suggest?

We are a sourcing and quality control agency at first. We do this for 7 years. We have our own inspectors. We are a human size company. And we know our suppliers very well. That makes the difference.

  • We do inspect every production before shipping
  • We send you the inspection report so you can see all the products photos
  • We work with the most reliable factories we have known
  • We know your market and its certification requirements

For retail stores, we can supply knocked down products at very competitive price.
For website and small shops, we can supply mixed container with a lot of references.

Order Preparation

Did the supplier give you all the details of the products? Are their documents clear and complete? Can you get HD pictures? Are the purchasing conditions (incoterm, payment terms, etc.) clearly indicated on all the documents? Did you get technical details of the products? Is everything (all product details, production dates, quality level, etc.) clearly indicated on their PI?

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