Suppliers Prospection – Sourcing

From $299

Mitigate your risks

  • find reliable suppliers
  • minimise risks at first steps
  • order from selected suppliers

Reduce your costs

  • less fees during production
  • don't buy from shadow businesses
  • avoid buying non-complying products

We source...

all types of products

We can find suppliers of all kinds of products:

  • furniture
  • garments
  • electric items
  • home decoration
  • electronic products

Your product is not on the list?
Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can organise your sourcing.

Everywhere in China

We cover the main Chinese production areas:

  • Fujian
  • Guangdong
  • Hebei
  • Shandong
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Zhejiang

Suppliers Prospection

Sourcing (full package)
$ 299 per category
  • List of 3 suppliers minimum
  • Suppliers introducing themselves as factories
  • Suppliers advertising necessary information verified by a third-party agency
  • Suppliers advertising products close to request (style, design, material, price)
  • Collect catalogues and quotations ($99)
  • Products complying with specific standards ($499)
  • Summary of detailed discussions about production ($499)
  • Each company should pass our Background Check ($1199)

How it works

What we do

Asiaction sourcing experts use their expertise and Asiaction’s network to find Chinese factories that are able to supply the products you want to purchase.

We check our own database of qualified factories and recognised online directories, we also travel to specialised trade fairs all over China.

Our experts select at least 3 suppliers matching your requirements. This selection is based on our own world-class qualification system.

What you get

A Sourcing Report presenting:

  • Introduction of valuable suppliers (minimum 3)
  • Catalogues,
  • Business licenses,
  • Certificates,
  • Key datas and charts,
  • Analysis and comments.

Download a sample sourcing report

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5 easy steps to find your best suppliers in China


Phone Call

Explain your needs to an Asiaction expert over the phone



Your Asiaction project manager builds up your customised sourcing



We use all our connections and expertise to find your best match



We audit each selected supplier



You receive a full report and recommendations from your Asiaction project manager

Our advantages

Customised Assistance

An Asiaction expert assists and follows you throughout the whole operation: from the preparation and setting up of the sourcing, through the monitoring and until the delivery of the report.

Full report

You receive a full report with an evaluation of each factory. Our project manager also includes recommendations and warnings to help you make the best decision.

Asiaction Dashboard

We offer a complete dashboard to follow all your operations. You can connect to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Download all your documents. Check any order status. Place your next orders online. Read More