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Find the best manufacturing solution for your project in China

Analysis & Study

Service Description

Find factories and buy products from China
Considering your project and your sourcing requirements, our project team and purchasing team conduct a sourcing study in order to select the best effective solution to produce and purchase the products you need.

Each market, each project, each brand has its own requirements to find factories in China. Based on our experience and our knowledge, we are able to find the most suitable factories in China for each specific case: finishing quality, product range, material quality, expected delivery time, product certifications, price range, etc. to help you buy directly from manufacturers in China.

Our advantages

10 years experience

During our 10 years experience of managing sourcing in China, we have tested many factories. We know the good ones. But we also know how to judge new ones and avoid bad surprises.

Client oriented

Products are meant to be sold and not to be returned by unhappy end-users. We think much further to guarantee the goods will live the whole sales experience

Market oriented

Not all products made in China comply with your market regulation. When we source products for you, we first understand your market rules and your requirements


For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

Our process

Our agents analyse the requirements of your project to buy products from China in order to understand your market standards and to apprehend the end product.

Our sourcing agents in China evaluate the needs in terms of production capacity, define the products in terms of material, finishing, durability, determine the type of production and specify risk points for coming orders.

During the search, the project manager continues to exchange updates with you in order to refine the sourcing requirements if needed.
Our purchasing team contacts various potential manufacturers and gather information on both the products and the companies. Our agents analyse company profiles to find any anomaly. The certificates are all authenticated to detect any fraud.
All Asiaction members working on the project receive real-time updates when adjustments are needed.

After sharing with you the best proposal to buy products from China, we conduct factory audits, sending auditors to the production site in order to guarantee the reliability of the selected manufacturers.

At the end of the process, you receive detailed quotations matching your sourcing requirements. The proposal lists products that comply with all your requirements. The solutions are suitable, clear and safe for ordering.

Since 2008, as a comprehensive sourcing agent in China, we have successfully worked on several projects for customers who often have strict requirements and want to buy directly from manufacturers in China.

We searched and found relevant manufacturers of sneakers, electric water heaters, souvenir products (key chains, magnets, bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, etc.), touch pads, hair extensions, computer cables (HDMI , USB), spas, leather sofas, solar panels, fans, sugar cane crushers; for customers in Metropolitan France, overseas territories, Africa, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia.

Our precious help in finding manufacturers able to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of price, quality and attitude was paramount in their commercial success.

If you want to safely buy direct from manufacturer in China, don’t forget that we offer an exhaustive procurement service (order tracking, inspections and shipments).

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Asiaction Prices

Our experts will build up a quote to find factories in China based on your specific requirements.

Asiaction Vincent Capo
“Our teams are at your disposal to understand your needs and give you the best factory offers. We have built an expertise and an extensive network built over the last 10 years of being a sourcing agent in China, we are able to get back to you quickly and accurately. Contact me to buy directly from manufacturer in China.”

Vincent Capo, Business Development Manager, Asiaction