FIND & SELECT the best products
Looking for the right manufactory before confirming your order ?
You need a better supplier to compete with your current factory ?
According to your current situation and requests, our teams arrange a supplier search through our different networks. We then come back to you with a clear report showing you the most suitable partner to produce your product.
Service Description

What we do

  • Study the sourcing of one product type (set of products likely to be provided by a single supplier)
  • Recovery of the technical sheets regarding the products and desired quantities
  • Recovery of at least 3 offers from three different factories (FOB price)
  • Validation of the production capacities of the factories
  • Validation of the authenticity of the CE certificates linked to the product and provided by each manufacturer

What you get

  • A list of potential suppliers
  • The catalogues, pictures and technical descriptions of the products
  • The detailed product quote with the price, production time and terms of payment
Ask for a quotation

For a faster and better feedback from us, please provide as much information as you can. You also can leave your phone number and the ideal time for us to call you.

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