chinese company Quick Check-Up

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We verify...

all types of companies

Our verification processes allow us to evaluate any company in China.

everywhere in China

We can verify any Chinese company anywhere in China.

at any time

This service allows you to get a quick report without much preparation.

what we check

legal information

An agent from Asiaction verifies that the Chinese company is legally registered by checking:

  • the business registration,
  • the tax identification number,
  • the export licence.

4 easy steps to verify your future partner


phone call

Explain your needs to an Asiaction expert over the phone



Your Asiaction project manager starts the verification



An Asiaction agent retrieves and verifies all the legal information



You receive a clear report including the legal details of the Chinese company

frequently asked questions

What kind of advice do you give?

With the full report, you receive advice based on our agent’s records. These tips are mainly warnings about problems identified by the Asiaction agent.

Can you do other checks?

Yes, we can carry out a full checkup of any Chinese company and several types of factory audits (initial factory assessment, technical quality audit, technical and social audit, social compliance audit).

Our advantages

Asiaction Dashboard

We offer a complete dashboard to follow all your operations. You can connect to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Download all your documents. Check any order status. Place your next orders online. Read More

full reports & alerts

You receive a full report with videos and HD photos within 24 hours after the audit. If our inspector finds critical and urgent problems during the audit, we will contact you immediately to keep you informed

customised Assistance

An Asiaction expert assists and follows you throughout the whole operation: from the preparation and setting up of the audit, through the monitoring and until the delivery of the report that includes our recommendations