Having issues ordering from Chinese factories ?
You want to avoid any misunderstanding with your partners in China ?
We take care of your orders from setting it up to the delivery at your warehouse. We make sure the factories understand and follow your requirements, our teams coordinate everything between you and your partners in China, we fix issues and report every step.
Service Description

What we do

  • This service is valid for an order placed with one manufacturer
  • Validation of the specifications with the factory
  • Confirmation of the terms of production (prices, deadlines, incoterm, etc.)
  • Setting up of a planning of the order and checking of the respect of the deadlines
  • Retrieval and dispatch of the samples before, during and after the production
  • Correction of problems that occur during production
  • Quality Control on the production sites
  • Supervision of the container loading
  • Follow-up of the FOB placement of the merchandise
  • Coordination of the door-to-door transport
  • Coordination of the post-sale follow-up

What you get

  • Confirmation of the order including specifications
  • The planning of the project
  • The product inspection report complete with illustrations and commentaries
  • The documents necessary to import your merchandise (transportation warrant, packing list, commercial bills, certificates, etc.)
  • Your products, delivered to your warehouse conformably to the specifications
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