All you need to know about the Canton Fair, phase 2

The second phase of the 124th session of the largest trade event in China starts tomorrow, on October 23rd and will end on October 27th.
Phase 2 of the Canton Fair will display products from 3 main categories: consumer goods, gifts and home decoration.

8 tips you need to know before coming to China

You will discover a beautiful country, bustling cities and friendly people. And if you’re coming for the Canton Fair, there are plenty of business opportunities waiting for you here. In this article, we’re going to see how to make your trip in China an unforgettable experience.

The biggest B2B event of the year

The Canton Fair’s Autumn Session opens its doors on October 15, 2018.
It is the biggest event of the year for any company doing business with China.

Exceptional deals to the Canton Fair

China Southern will offer deals to North American buyers, whereas Turkish Airlines will provide great offers to visitors from South America, Middle East and Africa.
For more information on exclusive deals to the fair, visit the official Canton Fair website

Team Building • Sport Activity

indoor activities jumping, climbing, laser game, running Last weekend our operational team went for a team building activity in an Indoor Area in Guangzhou. Trampoline, climbing, laser fight and many other sportive games made us full of energy and motivation.

IP Protection in China

April 26 marked the World Intellectual Property Day.
Created in 2000 as a celebration of creativity and innovations, its main purpose it to raise awareness on protecting contributions made by innovators and creators worldwide.

A safe way to order from China

There are many ways to contact suppliers in China thanks to Internet and other Alibaba websites. But still, many buyers experience problems when they receive goods…

How to secure orders from Chinese suppliers

I have always wondered how international buyers can still order from Chinese factories without any background check or goods inspection. I even saw that from experienced buyers that rely on their instincts or believe that a long-term relationship will prevent problems.