No kickbacks
From factories
Because we believe that honesty pays on the long term, because we want the trust of our customers, we never accept commissions from suppliers, both at our company level and at our employees level. This directive is included in the contract that our employees sign and it is an end of contract clause.

Yet almost all intermediate companies in China take kickbacks from Chinese suppliers in exchange of orders. It is for them a way of displaying seemingly lower service costs, at around 2 or 3%.


No secret
Agenda with

We always offer several suppliers and can also work with suppliers identified by our customers.

We have no agreement with them and we always advise the most suitable partner.


We give you
Factory prices

For us, the important thing is to work with our customers in the long term, to increase our knowledge on their products and to increase their orders.

We have no interest in changing a factory price. If our customers find out, we would lose them immediately.

When a supplier lowers its prices, we announce it!


Complete Order

For every order, our clients are personally in contact with one of our project managers to explain exactly what they need. The information is then inputed in our system so that our experts (order management, inspection, shipping) have all the information necessarily to prepare their work efficiently and offer our clients a high quality of service.

You should also know that some trading companies never see the merchandise they sell. They do not move for quality control. The photos are taken by factory employees. On the contrary, we always controls the products by ourselves.


We share
100% of
The information

The reports we send to our customers always present the truth. We do not withhold information, whether it is good or bad. This transparency allows us to find each time the most appropriate solutions to ensure our customers no surprise when they receive the goods.



These are the professional values ​​that make Asiaction one of the major service-providers in China