Major player in the field of sourcing in China, Asiaction stands as a trusted partner for all companies who want to produce in South China. Our team relies on procedures and an organisation developed over many years that ensure to our customers a real serenity throughout the purchasing process and production in China..

Gael Tauvel & Aurelien Hivonnet - Founders
Located at the heart of trade between Asia and the West, we offer our clients all services necessary for their operations in China: sourcing, audit, quality control, production follow-up, logistics handling.
Our operational offices are located in Guangzhou, in the south of the People’s Republic of China, an ideal location within the factory of the world’s Guangdong province.

Based on an expertise acquired on the ground, our team identifies and selects those factories that meet the expectations of the international market. Our quality policy requires us to inspect and approve each production before shipping.

Our management team is composed of experienced westerners coming from western countries and assures a good understanding of our clients requirements.

Asiaction Timeline